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For Startups

Strategy. Pitch. Fundraising.


We are a boutique consultancy firm helping startups to create sound strategic roadmaps, produce outstanding pitch decks and raise funds since 1999.

A successful pitch is much more than just a deck of slides. When it comes to creating outstanding pitches for Seed and A-rounds, we feel confident to say that we are one of the more effective consultants in Germany.


We will hold workshops with your team over two to three weeks and go through every aspect of your business covered in the deck. In that process we act as a temporary team member, i.e. we get problems solved in a hands-on fashion. Getting closer to the final deck, we increasingly adopt the perspective of an investor thus ensuring you are well prepared to negotiate funding terms.

We strongly advise to create your deck in English even if you are an exclusively German startup team since this has become the venture industry´s standard over recent years. Aber ja: Wir können ebenso gut Deutsch miteinander sprechen.


50% to 75% of our fees are usually covered by easy to obtain grants. Depending on the project we may accept to be partially compensated in equity.


In the process we normally go significantly beyond just creating a slided story. Often the startup´s strategic outlook is spelled out more clearly, e.g. product vision, accessible market or customer acquisition segments and channels.

Pitch Deck

A coherent and visually appealing pitch deck is your operational key to acquiring funds. It will be in English since this has become the industry´s standard. This deck will have between 12 and 15 slides plus backup and be simplified for live presentation.


Valuation, timing and sizing are not obvious. We help you hit the soft spot here that match your startup´s character, stage and risk profile. Also we identify suitable investors with you and prime you on deal terms.

Financial Planning

The financial forecast will have a three to five years horizon. It will be thoroughly specified and parametrised down to measurable metrics. Thus we ensure you have a valid framework to assess the success of your operational business in the future.

Business Mechanics

Your revenue model needs to fit your sales approach as well as your accessible market. We will analyse your (expected) customer lifetime value vs. acquisition costs and more often than not optimize product packaging and pricing.

Sales Initiation

When we start out, you will likely have MVP but no real traction yet. Basically no problem to raise a seed round – but reasonable hypotheses how to build effective sales and first trials will be expected. We help mapping and ramping this up.

Regions & Industries

We work in Berlin-Brandenburg, Hamburg, Leipzig and throughout Thuringia.


We will only take on projects in markets and technologies we have reasonable understanding of or can catch up quickly with. Previous projects range from B2B SaaS and marketplaces to apps, eCommerce and nationwide franchising for consumer products.

Previous Projects